Thursday, August 11, 2011

think wisely

you annoyed me.. sumpah!

u should said all those words to yourself..
jangan nk pikir ikot otak sendiri je..
jangan nk kasi pusing sume ayat jadi jahat je..
n yg penting jangan jadi negative sangat boley??

pikir sendiri,
pastu rasa sendiri,
pastu nk sakit ati sendiri..

orang lain??
blurrrrr x paham pape.. idop macam biase..
pastu nk hangen macam orang laen tu tau plak yg die tengah marah, sakit ati sume..
heyyy pe tuuu??

bila orang laen tu cuit sikit, gurau sikit..
tetiba plak yg die neh nak marah2, melenting, ngamok!
eyhhhh sblm nk marah2 tu, tanye diri sndr dulu..
orang laen tu tau ke yg die tgh sensetip?
orang laen tu tau ke yg die tgh emo sengsorg?
orang laen tu tau ke yg die tgh tak boley d kacau?
TAK kan!!!

stop being childish laa..
and stop acting like you are in drama..

kalau tak puas hati,
kalau nak marah2,
n kalau nak hangen satu badan pun,
amek tau da truth dulu..
dun make your fool assumption!

dun let your negative mind control u..
you are the one who should control ur mind..
if there's any confusion, just ask directly to that person..
no need to tell others who surely dun know anything!
and for sure the same thing will happen when others start making their own assumption from your 'story'..
and jump into a stupid conclusion!
soooo?? nothing's change!

please lah, do realize that all your anger n unsatisfied feeling appeared just because of the stupid misunderstanding!
communication is really really really important, in this case..
if you choose to think like your mind ask to, its up to you..

if they can accept you for what you are,
please try to accept them for who are they,
no one need to change theirself for others satisfaction,
completing and understanding are the main weapons.

p/s: aku tak marah pun, cuma geram je.. :)

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