Saturday, August 15, 2009

life sucks!

am i dat evil?? siyes x phm..
i dun care who is rite n who is wrong.. i dun ask anyone to get me involved with both of u laa!! i dun care at all!!
its ur problem.. not mine! but then u r still saying that i'm da one who cause u n him get fighting n so wuteva!
at da 1st place, if u knew dat he is not a good guy, then why u still let me being fren with him??
i siyesly dun care whether u or him yg telling me all these stupid stories! i tried 2 juz forget all these suck things, but then u r da one who still put da blame on me!! me = who dunno anything about wut exactly happened between both of u! oh shoot~~ i hate being this kind of person.. even i'm da one who supposely being mad, but i tried to get myself calm..
tp at last i'm still da one who u called 'betrayer'!! ouchh!!

am i dat evil?? i dunno how to ans this..
am i a betrayer?? if dat's wut u think.. up 2 u but i never being dat kind of fren!
am i da one who should be blame 4 wut happened?? i never ask this to happen.. its up 2 u to judge me.. i can't force u from stop blaming me..

anyway to 'both' my frens.. thanx a lot~~

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