Wednesday, April 15, 2015

nothing much :)

Random thing at random time.

I am currently in the lab, wearing face mask. Amagad! I am such a nerdy chemist. But trust me. This attitude wont last long. Rimas ok pakai benda ni! Last week meeting Dr. Hamid remind us about our safety and health. Do not stay in the lab when you have no work to do. Stay away from all the chemicals. But howwww? We deal with chemicals. If we dont stay in the lab, means we do not do any lab works. And of course, no progress! Kenot! We have to. But I love staying here. So since i insist to stay in the lab even i dont have so much work to do (yet), so I wear face mask as a precaution step. hih :)

I am so happy today coz I've already received my active! yeayyy! In my case, my active for sure is my drugs. I have been requesting and waiting for my active since last december. And only today, after like 4 months, finally its in my hand! agaggaga~ super happy! its my preciousssss. without my active, nothing i can do with my project. So once i received my drug this morning, I put it aside on the seat. I've been talking to it like talking to my long lost friend. Asking my drug to be good, asking it to be kind to me. Do not cause me any trouble in my research. haishhh. nervous! In sha Allah..

this is too random kan?
haha. yeah. till next time~ :)

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